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Fashions’ two Suzies’s
Susie Bubble + Suzy Menkes arriving for Sibling 

Fashions’ two Suzies’s

Susie Bubble + Suzy Menkes arriving for Sibling 

A Christmas Fair to get Excited About

And whats not to get excited about…with Susie Bubble bringing along her cast offs " I’ve just started to sort everything out into loose piles of vintage, designer and high street and they’re all fairly even with a growing roster of labels that makes me shudder to think how much money I’ve spent on the stuff.  I’m actually looking at a pair of Balenciaga trousers and wondering why exactly I’m parting with them.  Anyhow, it’s a ruthless clearout so please do come on down if you’re free. "

As well as “A cherry picked selection of the most exciting emerging British design and fashion labels” its going to be the best Christmas Fair around. “Each label will create their very own concept stall which pushes the standard boundaries of retail presentation; the more imaginative, the better. There will also be a traditional Christmas fair selling Christmas trees, roasted chestnuts and gift wrapping as well a cider bar and a Christmas bakery hosted by Lily Vanilli”

http://www.circus11.com/ in The Tramshed  Dec 14 - 18th, 2011