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Great Easter / Great Steak / The Hawksmoor kindly enquired as to how our Easter Sunday lunch was with them yesterday. Amazing! Faultless! Delicious! Perfect! are all words I would use to describe our local Hawksmoor at Spitalfields. Mr.MiniPost & me shared a great big Porterhouse - there are no words. Cooked to perfection and melt in the mouth gorgeousness. The food was superb but what made our dining experience perfect was the staffs’ great modern attitude to having a baby on the premises. No over the top goo-ing and ga-ing - just the right amount of attention. They were ‘cool’. Lastly, the ‘baby changing’ facilities - usually a let down, but not here. They are located behind a lush red velvet curtain - which immediately feels more exciting than the usual. They are bright and clean. A definite runner for our Top 5. What would make them better would be a chair to do a quick feed, some hooks/shelves to put our bags/stuff on and finally some nice soap to leave us feeling refreshed and smelling nice as we return to our table. We ♥ U Hawksmoor.