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We caught up with LatteMama today, a fantastic new online store for baby&kids clothes. It pulls together a really quirky collection of Swedish & UK designers. As well as being super cute most of the brands LatteMama stocks are eco friendly too. We particularly like LipFish and its interactive animal sweaters - love the dangling monkey tail and moose’s legs.


Boo! Its Halloween!

As if we needed another reason to love Stella, her kids line is just brilliantly fun - Glow in the Dark t-shirts for Halloween.


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Woven Play

New York cool for your kids - check out Woven Play. Some seriously cute kids, bringing to life some adorable clothes with that emphatic NY style


Vintage Baby

Keira is totally rocking her vintage pink heart romper circa 1977. It’s ‘so’ cute & she loves it. I’m so glad my Mum is a hoarder and never throws anything out x