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Circus / One Very Exciting Christmas Fair

Here are our highlights and top picks www.circus11.com

First up is Silken Favours who in our book win top price for best ‘stall’ - we loved it. The scarves are amazing. Delicate and modern. We love love. The most amazing large silk cushions - how great is that parrot! As you know we adore scarves and have  mentioned Silken Favours before, if you missed it check it out here  http://theminipost.tumblr.com/fashion

Some very ornate stockings hanging off a very lavish four poster in House of Hackney. We love everything about HoH - over the top and elaborate bold prints and patterns. We know some Hip Momma’s who will love the animal fabric & wallpaper.


Fell head over heels in love with this hat from Noel Stuart. I might just have to go back and get it if it hasnt already gone.


Emma Franklin An intriguing collection of animals from Rhinos to pheasants. All with Emma’s signature attitude. Each piece is individually handmade using traditional techniques. We loved the pheasant cuff links - could we have these as a necklace please? And the Rhino cuff - Great Great Great!


Polly Morgan’s wonderous taxidermey. T-shirt is from her collaboration with Mother of Pearl.


Alice Made This Beautifully crafted, these are very elegant cuff links. They would make a very special present, and come exquisitely packaged . From the lovely Alice Made This http://alicemadethis.com/


And lastly upstairs you will find tasty festive treats from the fabulous Lily Vanilli. Sadly I missed out, as I couldnt make it up the stairs with the Bugaboo but we will be visiting  her new bakery which is just off Columbia Road, in The Courtyard very soon. Its open every Sunday. http://www.lilyvanilli.com/

Enjoy. Love, Me & TheMiniOne xx