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So we Prambled the streets of East London with the very lovely Gary from Alternative London hosted by the lovely ladies at Culture Baby Despite the crappy weather we had an awesome morning, clogging up the narrow arteries and passages of old London, and scaring some suited ‘n booted City types enroute. A super enjoyable morning. We met some really lovely Mums who we hope to see again very soon, and importantly saw some amazing street art - ROA, Pez, Cartrain, StickMan, a very secret Banksy, Sweet Toof, Malarky, so many others plus my new personal fav Conor Harrington Move over SweetToof I have a new street art crush. His work is amazeballs.



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Exciting Exciting News!! We are collaborating with CultureBaby

CultureBaby are great! If you are a culture loving parent you dont need to miss out on the best exhibitions in town.

CultureBaby “lovingly create baby-friendly events for you and your child that stimulate imaginations and engage cultural sides" Experts talk on your level while your little one engages in carefully "designed activities that are loosely based on what you are learning, but which allow your baby or toddler to construct their own understanding of the world

Fittingly our first visit will be to the DamienHirst exhibition at the Tate. Yes we will beeline for his diamond encrusted skull. We love skulls. We know you do too. So many  skull obsessed Mommas’!!

Come with us!!!  We are going to make it super easy for you to come along…

Tell me  'what is in Damien Hirst's tank; a shark or a goldfish'? '    DM your answer to  https://twitter.com/#!/TheMiniPost

Correct answer wins a ticket and gets to come on June 19th. Winner will be announced on June 15th.

Come along anyway! As a lovely follower of TheMiniPost you get a •SuperSpesh10%Off• DM me for the DiscountCode